Wednesday, January 9, 2013

China Adoption Pack List

I was so thankful to the parents in cyberspace who posted not only their packing lists but also follow ups upon their return home.  I wanted to do the same for others.  Below is our list.  We took two large suitcases, two carryons, and two personal bags.  We had no difficulty with weight limits in either the US or our in country China flights.  We traveled 11/1/12-11/15/12.  Hope this is helpful.  Blessings on your travels and this very special time.  You are loved and supported and thought of as you bring your children home.   
  • God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Psalm 46:1-3,7

Adoption Packlist:
Q-tips (travel pack)-Yes
Wet Ones (individually packed)-Yes
Travel Shampoo (1)-No, all hotels had shampoo
Travel Conditioner (1)-No, all hotels had conditioner
Travel Face Wash (1)-Yes
Travel facial moisturizer (1)-Yes
Travel size soap (1)-No, all hotels had soap
Floss (1)-Yes
Travel Tissue packs (6) -Yes, handy for potties as they did not always have T.P., could have gotten away with 4 packs
Hair ties (4)-Yes
Travel size hand sanitizer (4)-Yes but could have gotten away with 2
Travel size toothpaste (2)-Yes, needed both, one would not have been enough for the two of us
Contacts- Pair in eyes plus extra set -Yes
Contact container -Yes
Travel size sunscreen –No, but had we been here in summer, would have used. 
Feminine products
Travel size contact solution (2)-I only needed one but if you use a lot, will need two.
Infant Toothbrush-Yes
Infant Toothpaste-No (toothpaste a little too much to add to our sensitive cleft child’s mouth, just wanted to introduce toothbrush.)
Travel size toothbrush (2)-Yes
Razors (2)-Yes, although one hotel provided them
Hand Cream -yes

Proventil Inhaler-No
Alvesco Inhaler (2)-Yes
Cipro (2 prescriptions)-Yes
Benadryl -No
Baby Natural chest rub-No
Azithromycin (antibitotic for baby)-Yes
Travel First Aid kit (basically bandaids, antiseptic wipe, and ointment)-yes, just a band aid.
Travel size electrolyte powder-No
Infant thermometer-No
Permethrin cream (2)-No
Natural ear infection medication with bulb syringe-No
Infant Advil-No
Adult Advil -Yes
Melatonin –Yes, I used the first three nights to help me get used to time change.  Worked great!
Sinugular –Yes
Hydrocortisone cream-No
Metamucil caplets-Yes
Saline Spray-We actually did use this on a burb cloth to help wipe his nose to loosen muscus.  Got the idea from a Mom with “Boogie Wipes” which would have been better had I brought them. 
Lice Medication-No
Pepto Bismol -Yes
Infant syringes (2)-Yes
(There is a lot of pollution so if you have any lung issues, come ready!)

Paper work and supplies:
Pens (6)-Yes
File Folder for paperwork-Yes!  This was priceless for keeping all our paperwork organized and in one place. 
Rubber bands-Yes
Mini stapler-No

Travel size sewing kit-No
Travel size dish soap-Yes
Travel size laundry (2)-Yes
Paper towels (I tore 20 off the roll and put in a large ziplock bag)-No
Leatherman-Yes! (Mostly used the scissors to open packages and cut bottle nipples)
Plastic Bags: Plastic Grocery bags, Tall Kitchen bags, Snack size Ziploc, Small size Ziploc
Reusable shopping bag (purchased a small Chicco bag with clip)-Yes
Clothes pins (15)-Yes!  Wished I had brought closer to 20
2 collapsible cups-No
2 bowls-Yes
Spoons: 3 disposable, 2 adult reusable, and 3 infant reusable-Yes
1 plastic Rubbermaid bowl with lid-Yes
Small funnel –Yes, we would boil water in our room and then when it cooled, pour into our Nalgenes so we had water to drink
½ teaspoon -Yes
2 Nalgenes-Yes, when traveling, we stuffed our socks and underwear in it to save room.
Headlamp- No

Baby Clothes and items: Could take less clothes if you do laundry and make sure to bring non cotton quick drying ones.
4 pajama sets-Yes, probably could have gotten away with 3 since I did laundry
One sleepsack-Yes!  I love these because they can’t kick them off like a blanket. 
4 short sleeve onesies-Yes, could have gotten away with 2
6 pairs of pants-Yes, could have gotten away with 4-5.
8 pairs socks-Yes, could have brought only 5
1 sweater-Yes
1 sweatshirt -Yes
3 vests-Yes
3 long sleeve onesies-Yes
2 long sleeve shirts-Yes
1 romper-Yes
1 Patagonia Capliene set-No
2 winter hats and one pair gloves-Yes
1 patagonia snow bunting-Yes (they like to see the babies bundled…gloves, hat, the whole lot!)
1 Patagonia zip up fleece-Yes
2 pairs shoes (2 different sizes)-yes (but only one pair worked.  He also came in a pair that were acceptable.)
Ergo –Yes!!
Blanket -Yes
Diapers (62 total)-Yes.  This was just about the right amount for us but since we were eating mostly formula, we needed an overnight diaper, would have taken some overnight diapers in hindsight so we bought them in China but they were costly.)
Wipes (2 refill packs)-Yes
Bottle Brush-Yes
1 canister, 1.45 lbs formula-No, bought formula while there.
One Organickids 9 oz. Bottle (I also bought the spout that can convert it into a sippy.  This bottle also had a lid that could convert into a snack cup and could be used for a measuring cup.)-We used this bottle a lot.  Good size for a 20 month old on formula and traveled well.  We had to cut the nipple.
One Cleft lip and palate bottle-No
Disposable gloves (for changing diapers….recommendations from our Adoption Center Physician)-Yes
Travel formula cup (had three sections, could also put snacks in it.)-Yes!  This was very helpful if you have a baby on formula, especially when on the go at appointments.
Thermos for keeping water warm for making bottles while out-Yes!!
1 Bib made of silicone for easy cleaning-No.  This would have been great if I didn’t have a child strictly on formula.  We needed absorbent bibs so purchased when we were there (although they weren’t very good so bring your own.)
Toys (2 blow up toys, stacking cups, 2 ducks for bath, bubbles, three small balls, small car, rattle, two blocks, pom poms with plastic canister and lid to push them through, toy caterpillar with lots if sensory functions)-Yes!  But you could get away with much less.  We would put balls in the ice bucket and this was great fun! 
Books (5)-Yes!  He loved to look at books, especially one that we made with pictures of our family.  That was great at restaurants!  Liked the one that had a mirror.
2 winter hats and one sun hat-Yes on the winter hat, we weren’t in the sun long enough for a sun hat
One stuffed animal and one small bunny blanket-Only need one
Diaper Bag-Yes
5 burp cloths-Yes!  Wished I had brought a few more as our son had a lot of drool. Recommend absorbant ones.
Bulb syringe-No
Diaper rash cream-No
Infant nail clippers-No

Mommy clothes  (My theory is always success with layering for different looks and do laundry) If you plan to wash, bring items that dry quickly.  Jeans took forever and smelled like mildew from the humidity in Guangzhou.
3 pairs pants (jeans, pants, yoga pants)-Yes
2 Patagonia pullovers (will probably live in these!)-Yes
1 scarf-Yes (would have brought a second in hindsight because they give so much versatility.)  People are dressed nicely in the hotels. 
2 tanks tops-Yes
1 sweater-Yes
One white henley shirt-Yes
2 T shirts-yes
2 pairs PJ’s-yes
5 pairs underwear-yes
One pair Toms-yes.  These were great.  Packed so light and flexible.
One Pair tennis shoes-yes. Wore on plane.
8 Pairs socks-yes, but this was too many.  Probably could have done 5.
2 bras-yes
Raincoat-yes (but umbrellas were easy to come by for a few dollars.)
Down Coat-yes
Winter Hat-yes

Daddy Clothes  (yes on all Daddy clothes, he did a great job packing!)
3 pairs of pants (1 for working out)
1 pair workout shorts
2 short sleeve work out shirts
2 long sleeve work out shirts
1 pair sleeping pants
2 long sleeve shirts
2 T-shirts
1 white undershirt
8 pairs socks
7 pairs underwear
One pair dress shoes
One pair tennis shoes
Down coat

PAPERWORK and Money-Yes!!
Neck Travel Wallet-Only used on travel days
Waist security wallet- Yes!  Hubby wore.  
Small Notebook for taking notes-Yes
Playing cards-No
Simple Language Chinese for Adoptive families book-Didn’t use much but we had a good time with it on the plane there!
International Adoption Travel Journal-Yes
What Character Is That? (Book)-No
2 Books (for pleasure reading)-Yes, could have just brought one. 
Compact Bible-Yes
Ipods (2)-Yes
Bubble wrap to wrap breakables if needed for trip home-Yes
Toddler backpack for carryon bag for trip home (we had a seat for our son for the trip home)-Yes, I ended up using this halfway through our trip for a diaper bag.  Much easier to carry a backpack around. 
2 Thermarest Pillows-Yes, on flights
2 Chinese Children’s music CD’s and one DVD-Didn’t need, we had put them on our Ipod’s so played on computer.
1 Case of Enfamil Cleft Lip/Palate bottles to donate to orphanage-Yea!!

3, 3 oz. cans chicken-Yes
2, 5 oz. cans chicken-Yes
4 packages instant soup mix-Yes!  We would have brought more had we know.  It was easy to add the canned chicken to these for a meal when we had a busy schedule. 
12 individual packets rice cereal-No
1 box instant mashed potatoes-No
1 sucker for return home for child’s ears-No, he couldn’t eat it.
2 packages happy veggie puffs-No, as our son couldn’t eat them but another family was happy to take them. 
5 single serve pouches of granola-yes
2 boxes of nurturme dried fruit and veggie pouches (36 servings)-Yes!  We supplemented his formula with these.
4 almond butter squeeze packets-Yes
1 Jif packet-Yes
18 instant coffee packets (Vias)-Everywhere we stayed had coffee at the breakfast.  I would still bring a few but much less if you need coffee during the day. 
8 Senna tea packets for constipation (of baby or adult)-Should have used! J
6 packets tazo tea-No
4 travel packets flax seed-No
4 individual packages yogurt bites-Yes, but it was my husband and I that ate them as our son could not. 
1 package yogurt melts-Yes
8 packages instant oatmeal-Had a couple of these but could have brought less. 
6 pouches prune baby food-Yes!  We actually added these to a few bottles and shared with another family to help keep our kids regular. 
6 pouches miscellaneous veggie/fruit baby food-Yes, added to formula
1 canister powdered superfood drink mix-Yes
15 Granola bars-Could have gotten away with 10
1 ziplock bag cheerios-No, son couldn’t eat
6 packs of gum-Too much for us but used for flights

Gifts: Used all gifts and brought a couple extra.
2 Men’s scarves with 2 Deodorants
3 Willow Tree Ornaments with 3 Women’s Razors
3 small purses with gifts inside for aunties
A red envelope to put an American half dollar and Susan B Anthony dollar
6 pieces tissue paper
6 thank you cards
6 gift bags
(We packed all the gifts tightly in a box to keep them nice and to have a box for breakables for the trip home)

This post is dedicated to my soon to be traveling Weinan Mamas and Papas!  Soon dear ones, very soon!  Let me know when the reunion will be!


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